Le Sonn // Music Production in South Tyrol

Le Sonn - 
Music Production in the Dolomitian Alps

"Le Sonn" means "Sound" in Ladin language. And that´s what music is all about. Making sounds and bring them together.

Le Sonn Studio is a place where music can happen. From single recordings to full production or even the complete composition of a song. Everything can be set up individually.

The beautiful landscape of Val Badia makes working at Le Sonn Studio every time a special experience and provides even more inspiration.

To meet the highest quality standards the technical equipment is carefully selected and the studio offers both modern and vintage gear.

Le Sonn Studio is lead by Lucia Kastlunger and Matthias Bäuerlein. Both are professional musicians and in the last 10 years they went deeply into Music Production.

Lucia is a professional singer, songwriter and vocal coach. While Matthias is well known as a drummer, songwriter and producer.

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Tonstudio in Südtirol mit Garten

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